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There will be no Custom Bike Show I.R.L. this year.

Sorry to say but due to the Covid restrictions we will only be running this on the web!

We hope you can enjoy it with us on June 5th.
The show will open 10 am.

You can register your bike right now and come back for the show.


See you at June 5th.

We live on hope!

Now you can go in and register your bike in the digital world.

Sign up at:2021.custombikeshow.se

See you at June 5th.

Despite the prevailing circumstances, we are planning for a "Real life" Custom Bike Show in Societetsparken on June 5.
We are now really hungry for a motorcycle show and hope all other bikers are too.

Regardless, we will be here on the web on June 5.

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Custom Bike Show June 5, 2021!

Welcome to the 47th edition of Custom Bike Show

Until the june 5, we hope that everything is as usual and if so we will run the show in the societetsparken again - Anyway, it will be a Custom Bike Show, for real or on the web.

We warmly welcome all bikers and spectators to participate in Norrtälje's and Scandinavia's championship in bike building.

You are still the exhibitors who do the show, welcome!.

More information to follow 1

Bine, Pres Twin Club MC

Twin Club MC Norrtelje

.Remember - We open already at 10.00


Pictures from Custom Bike Show 2020...here

AMD Pro show ...
It is actual almost equally safe that it becomes Custom Bike show the first Saturday in June that it becomes Christmas Eve each year !
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Custom Bike Show
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