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Sorry to say but there is no party this year.

And no camping

- 10.00
Exhibit starts
- 13.00
Last sign up for exhibitor
- 14.00
Last chance leaving your vote
- 15.00
Distribution of prizes



Biker Party!

During the day we will stream music from the band that was supposed to perform at Custom Bike Show this year.

Turn on the speakers at highest volume, find yourself at a nice place with food and drinks and pretend you are here.

Feel free to submit a picture of you at info@custombikeshow.se




Örjan Mäki & Favourite Hippies
The Claan
Prins Svart
O'Really & Green Fish
The David Harleyson Powertrio
Lisa Lystam Family Band
Pontus Snibb 3
Blue Comets i Bluestältet
Link to the Music...
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